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Passport and Visa Photographs

Passports and visas for all countries, while you wait service, about 15 minutes, you need to make an appointment.

We provide 4 prints to size, we email you your picture so you always have it on file and we keep a copy on our system should you need further prints. The cost is £20

There are discounts for numbers of people at the same time 2 people £35; 3 people £50, 4 people £60

Call or email for an appointment directions.



We make passport photos and visa photos for most countries, many of our customers are from the USA, Canada, India, Pakistan and Australia but many come from the European countries who also have different specifications from the UK such as The Netherlands, France, Sweden. We also get UK customers who just hate the result from photo booths or have had pictures from them rejected and so want a better, more personal service.

Every country has it’s own quirks and requirements, some vary in size of the picture, some the size of the face in the picture and the position of the eyes, some the colour of the background and others need to be made by a professional photographer and stamped on the back.

We have made it part of our business to know the regulations so when we make a passport photo it is accurate to the requirements of the issuing country and so is very unlikely to be rejected. We have made thousands of passport photos over the years we have never had a photo rejected because of how we have made the images. Attention to detail is important.

Passport photograph regulations in the UK changed a couple of years ago, new rules introduced dictate a range of details: no reflections on spectacles, even shadow free lighting, head size to be within 29mm and 34 mm and a neutral expression. Not surprising that many passport photographs are rejected each year.

These instructions apply to the UK, Sweden for example prefers black and white photographs, US passports have to be 2″ x 2″ with different subject’s head size to European regulations.To the confusion of all new parents even week old babies need passports if they are going to travel, we also take passports for babies and have a set up that makes it possible even for a week old baby.

We charge £20 for 3 – 5 passports (depends on the size demanded by your country). If you wish, we keep your picture in our archive so if you need more, perhaps for visa applications or just a bus pass we can print additional copies for you. Just a phone call or email away. For more information call 01865 246027

We are professional photographers making professional photos even if they are only passport or visa photos.

We do not do shoe repairs, sell medicine and shampoo or process your holiday snaps into prints we only make professional photographs. We have years of experience as photographers and have made thousands of passport and visa photos.