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Portrait Photography

Pictures of people would seem to be an easy thing, but you may have noticed getting really good portrait photographs is much more difficult than just pointing a camera at a subject.

I have spent decades making portraits, business portraits, profile portraits, graduation portraits, PR portraits, family portraits and more recently social media portraits and dating website portraits. They are all different, one size does not fit all. The one thing that has to define a really good portrait photographer is that they like people. I am fascinated by people, I get the greatest pleasure interacting with people, finding out about them and then trying to capture that thing that is special in everyone.


In each situation I want to find out about my subject, spend some time talking to them, putting them at their ease and helping them to pose and to present to the camera to achieve the best results for their needs. I will light people sympathetically to get the image the client wants to use, that they feel comfortable with and actually like.

You may see websites where photographers have a roll call of famous faces, people who are regularly photographed and know how to pose for a camera to get ‘their look’. I think it is much more challenging and interesting to photograph ordinary people, those who don’t have their standard pose to camera. To help people for whom the phrase, ‘I hate having my picture taken’ is not far from their lips when a camera is produced, is the skill and experience I bring.

Portraiture doesn’t have to be painful, it can be an experience from which you will get pictures that you like and are happy to share and use. I would like to discuss what you need, I am sure I will get pictures that you are happy with using.

Where can you take my portrait photo?

I offer a simple business profile portrait service. At a shoot in my studio, I advise on how to present and pose for maximum use.

How can I see the images?

After your shoot, I will provide access to a web gallery of images to choose from and after you have selected a small number I prepare and provide full resolution images. These are for company websites, Linkedin etc.

How much does it cost?

The cost is £70.


Himanshu Karode
Many thanks for getting the photos through, they look awesome! I’ve sent them around the office and it’s a great response.

Himanshu Karode
Rachel Myers
"Once again thank you very much; these photos are going to be immensely useful and it is particularly nice to have a respectable and dignified photograph. Frankly I don't know why I didn't do this years ago."

Rachel Myers
Oxford Ventures
"A very friendly and professional service, Keith is great at putting people at ease to get good pictures. We got him to do pictures for all our staff for the website and are very happy with the result. Good value for money."

Oxford Ventures
Charles Hooton
"I needed some photographs for a book jacket and for my website. Keith produced some excellent high-quality images from a session in his studio and on location in the centre of Oxford. I am highly delighted with the results. I was somewhat anxious about being in front of the camera but i actually rather enjoyed it. It’s because Keith is so patient and calm. He’s a true professional and certainly knows how to get the best out of people. Many thanks again."

Charles Hooton


Here are just a few clients we have worked with.

Abacus International
Andersons Law
Claret PR
Flanagans Solicitors
FlavorActiV Limited
Fugro GeoConsulting
Hanover Communications
Helen & Douglas House
IS Oxford

Mason PR
Monckton Chambers
Natural History
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
Opportunity International
Oxford University Press
Park Records
Research Machines
Zeon Healthcare

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